Horry County Pet Memorials

This area of our website is devoted to our companions who have passed on, but left us with wonderful memories of the time we spent with them. If you would like to have a special pet added to this page of memorials, please email info@goldfinchfuneralhome.com and send us a few words, along with a photograph.


I can't believe the day has come that we had to part with you Piper. From the first day I brought you home, you brought so much joy into our family, but mostly you gave our mom, Dawn Lareau, a awesome companion. Piper and her were meant to be in each others lives. Anywhere mom was, Piper girl was right by her side. she loved her chew bones, and pine cones!!! Piper never ate dog food in her life, she was spoiled rotten. Mama would always have her baked chicken pulled off the bone and ready for dinner every night, oh yeah and she loved her McDonalds as well!!! You are so missed Piper and we love you so very much and I can't thank God enough for blessing us with you.

Clark, Beep Beeps and Buddy miss you :(
—Piper Lareau- March 21, 2002 - March 3, 2014


My dear boy Blade, When I first brought you home, you brightened up the whole house.
It was warm and full of joy when you were around. Mom, Dad, families, and yes, of course
your neighborhood friends enjoyed having you around. They always asked about you everyday.
I know you enjoy playing with the fishing rod and line with your toy tied to it, so you could catch it.
Most of the times you were pretty good fetching it. When you wanted to play, you always looked
for the fishing rod to let us know you wanted to play. You did not require hardly any training at all.
You were always there for everyone through the good and bad times. Sadly, when you passed away,
our world shattered. The air was cold. Clouds were grey and the house was dim. Everyday was silent.
It has been difficult for everyone. As I sit here writing this letter, I am very fortunate and happy to
have found you. Blade, I wanted to share these memories of you to those reading this small article
about my companion with a big heart. Therefore, I wanted to Thank You for being you Blade. Time
has come and I know you are in a better place. You will always be in our hearts. Leave me as you find me.
We will be together again.

Love Always,

Susan Sherlock and The Sherlock Families
—Blade Sherlock November 18, 2002 - October 25, 2013

" My beautiful Sarah Anne, you are missed so very much. You will always be forever in my heart and I thank you for everything you taught me while you were here. The road trips we shared are not the same without you riding in the back seat looking out the window. I still look for you when I come home from work and miss you sleeping in my arms at night. I always told you "I will always come back for you" and I will see you again. My heart breaks when I think of your absence but yet, I smile when I think of all the times we shared over the past 12 years. Miss you so much beautiful...


—Sarah Anne "Pumpkin" Phelps

" Marco's Favorite toy: Santa Clause Fuzz Ball
Marco's Favorite Activity: He loved going for a golf cart or bike ride

"Over the years I have had only one dog who owned me and that was Marco. He was a good companion. Now that he is gone, I find that I am looking for him to start our day together still. It is amazing how he stole my heart. He is the best gift my husband ever gave me."

—Marco Meara McPolo- May 23, 2000- July 17, 2013